2017 Summer Camps by Instrument

Summer Immersion:

The cornerstone of summer lessons at Kirk’s Studio. An amazing approach to accelerating your progress. An hour a day for a week with your private instructor. It’s like your own private, summer music camp. Most students will make two months’ progress per session. We encourage every student to do at least one session of Immersion.
Tuition – $295 Select Weeks Available. Early bird discounts available before May 13.

Immersion Plus:

For students wanting a little extra out of their Immersion experience. All students who do Immersion either before or after the Immersion Plus block, will either stay an extra hour or arrive an hour before their private lessons. This Master Class will focus on performance and musicianship. Every student will perform and receive master coaching on the performance. Talk about a great way to really hone your skills! Week culminates with a recording of each student’s performance. Select weeks available. Call for schedule.
Tuition is just $55!

Magical Music Camp

Come explore the world of music through science and art! Students will get to see sound waves, perform a light show, create a painting and many more exciting activities. You will explore music concepts through participation in games, songs, stories, and fun activities including creating a painting, . Join us for this fun and exciting camp!
June 26-30 12pm-2pm
Tuition – $120 at Desert Ridge Studio

Musical Theater

This camp is your guide to the world of musical theatre with a fun combination of acting, music, choreography, and improv exercises designed to keep you on your toes and your imagination sharp. Your favorite show tunes will be brought to life in an end of the week showcase. Learn how to use your voice on stage and perform excerpts from different musical theater shows!
July 24-28 10am-12pm
Tuition – $120 at Desert Ridge Studio

Piano for Kids!

Master teacher Nancie Koziel Tobison will keep young students engaged and excited about the piano all week with this beginning piano camp. Just for kids in grades 1-3! Nancie is a very experienced veteran and her enthusiasm for piano is contagious. The kids in this camp are in for a real treat!
July 24-28 12pm-2pm
Tuition – $150 at Desert Ridge Studio

Piano for Teens and Adults!

This week-long camp will be your jumping off point if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. Master instructor Nancie Koziel Tobison is not only an amazing teacher and musician, she’s a total delight to work with. Time to stop making excuses and time to start realizing your dream to play the piano!
June 5-9 12pm-2pm
Tuition – $150 at Desert Ridge Studio

Piano Academy I:

For beginning piano students. We’ll have lots of fun while learning to read notes and rhythms, play more musically and how to practice correctly. We’ll even do some ear training, theory, improvisation and learn some really cool approaches to playing the piano. Be able to play a popular song by the end of the week!
June 5-9 (10am-12pm), June 19-23 (12pm-2pm), July 10-14 (10am-12pm), July 24-28 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $150

Piano Academy II:

For intermediate and advanced piano students. For two hours a day, we’ll help you make more progress than you ever thought possible. Focus on technique, theory, improvisation, chords, composition, jazz voicings, soloing and how to practice correctly! If you’ve been dying to learn how to play something in addition to classical music, this is the camp you’ve been waiting for!
June 12-16(12pm-2pm), July 10-14 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $175

Piano and Strings Improv:

Featuring guest speaker, teaching artist from New York Juliana Witt. Meghan and Juliana will provide the tools to experiment on your instrument, including new technologies to create unique sounds on piano and stringed instruments. Students will be paired into duos and trios. The improv camp will include: one on one time with both coaches, listening experiences, brainstorming, recording, notation, storytelling. The culmination performance will feature improv works from all groups.
June 26-30 (12pm-2pm), July 17-21 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $195

Guitar Camp I:

Just getting started on guitar or ukulele? Join us for this fun, lively camp to get you up and running and provide you with a needed summer boost. This is a great class to introduce students to the basics of guitar and the possibilities associated with playing the instrument. We will explore a variety of musical and guitar concepts such as picking, strumming, chords, chord progressions to blues and popular songs, notes in first position, simple melodies, improvising, and scales. Students will also get a chance to play as a group and with recordings.
June 12-16 (10am-12pm), June 19-23 (12pm-2pm), July 24-28 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $120

Shredders Academy:

Ready to take your shredding to the next level? This camp is designed for students who have at least a year or more of private lessons. Find out the secrets of some of your guitar idols and take your playing up a notch or two. More advanced work with picking, barre chords, fretboard work, finger tapping and a variety of styles. All participants will perform together and individually at the end of the camp.
July 31-August 4 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $175

Rock University:

For all ages, some experience very helpful. Monday: Songwriting clinic, divide into groups, pick a band name, a cover song and start writing an original song. Tuesday: Individual instrumental clinics. Wednesday: Workshop for all campers and parents, “So You Have a Band…Now What?” Thursday: Record it! Friday: Finale Concert for friends and family.
June 19-23 (6pm-8pm) July 24-28 (6pm-8pm)
Tuition – $345, bring a friend discount $25 off

Songwriting Camp:

Always wanted to find a killer melody for those lyrics of yours? This camp will give you the tools to develop basic melody and harmony writing. Learn how to set words to melody, and melody to words. Bring in pre-existing lyrics, poetry, or take part in a poetry brainstorming workshop to develop a song that expresses who you are. Camps includes: Basic theory work, activities and exercises at the piano, ear training skills, analyzing today’s most popular hits, pop song structure. The culmination performance will highlight students’ original works. All instruments invited!
June 5-9 (12pm-2pm), June 12-17(12pm-2pm), July 31- August 4 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $120

Children’s Musical:

Celebrate Summer fun with a fun original musical for 5-8 year olds! Children will do crafts, learn about acting, singing, and do simple dance moves! Performances will be held on the final day of camp for “Gone Fishin”.
June 26-30 (Group A- 9am-12pm) (Group B- 1pm-4pm)
Tuition – $175

Broadway Beat:

Do you hear the beat? It’s the sound of people entering the theater on the most famous street in the world. It’s the sound of dancing feet and orchestras tuning up. It’s the sound dreams are made of. It’s the sound of BROADWAY! Celebrate musical theatre with hits from Hairspray, The Music Man, The King and I, Wicked, Rent, and Grease, and a medley of favorites from George M. Cohan! Students will learn basics in acting, singing as they prepare to share all they learned about Broadway in their half hour performance on the last day of camp! Ages 9 and up.
July 10-14 (10am-3pm) All Day Camp
Tuition – $295

Actor’s Workshop:

A camp ages 6-13, “Clean Up Kids” offers basic instruction in voice, piano, stage movement, projection, swing choir techniques, acting skills, guitar, conducting, and original composition. Other instruments are invited to participate and non-C instruments will be provided with transposed music. Particular emphasis will be placed on stage, individual and ensemble techniques, as well as both choir and solo vocal styles. The camp concludes with an “environmentally friendly theme, Broadway-style show.”
June 5-9 (12pm-2pm), July 24-28 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $150

Violin & Viola Festival:

Perfect for the beginner that wants to try out violin or viola! This festival will include technique right from the beginning and by the end of the week students will be able to hold the violin correctly, pizzicato and play with the bow, reading open strings and playing pieces.
June 5-9 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $120

String Quartet/Chamber Music Camp:

Chamber music is the most beneficial collaborative experience for all players. At all levels, students learn leadership skills that translate into their everyday relationships. Here, children will be grouped into a traditional string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello), or a mixed chamber group (possibilities include piano, violin cello; piano cello clarinet; violin duo; violin cello duo; woodwind chamber groups) and discover the tools needed for a final polished performance, without conductor! Students will strengthen general technique on their instrument, including tone production, rhythm skills, score reading, sight-reading, decision-making, structure and form analysis of pieces, and storytelling. The culmination performance will feature all chamber groups performing an assigned piece (based on level of group).
June 19-23 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $150

Music and the Brain:

Learn about what makes music so irresistibly catchy! Here, a focus of music, emotion and art fuse to bring students a new understanding of why we love music. The camp includes: Basic art history, associating colors and words to sounds and pieces from all eras, associating visual art and paintings with famous compositions, studying ‘earworms’ (catchy tunes), and understanding storytelling in large compositions (symphonies, chamber music). The culmination presentation will feature select drawings, colorings and paintings made by students, inspired by a composition of their choice AND/OR a live performance of spoken word with a piece of choice.
June 5-9 (10am-12pm), July 10-14 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $120

The DaVinci Code of Music:

Discover hidden messages in some of the world’s most renowned compositions! This camp will focus on listening analysis, with assisted score study. Students will discover the historical and socio-economic context of pieces from the eighteenth century up to present day. The camp includes: Discussion about expectations in music, form analysis, the masters of composition, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. This class will improve students’ ability to relate to music and develop strong tools to express themselves on their instruments.
June 19-23 (10am-12pm), July 10-14 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $120

Sight-reading Genius for Strings:

Scared of learning new pieces? Not sure how to tackle pages of new notes? Meghan will bring her skills as a soloist, chamber and orchestral player to teach students to understand patterns in music by developing better rhythm and ear training skills. Camp includes: One on one work, experiencing new works from different eras, everything from classical, romantic, to contemporary pop. Basic note-reading drills and unique ear training.
This camp will allow students to read pieces up to a grade level higher for their instrument.
June 26-30 (10am-12pm), July 17-21 (10am-12pm)
Tuition – $150

Drummers Clinic:

This summer come be a part of an exciting, fun, and informative drum clinic! This week long clinic is for young aspiring drummers that wouldn’t mind learning with a big group of other kids their age. The first day would be review and introduction. The rest of the week will be learning advanced rudiments, advanced drum kit technique, and taking any questions or requests to learn anything of their desire. We ask that the children have a year or more experience for the sake of moving forward and progressing. If not, and you’re feeling brave to really push yourself to learn then come join and have fun!
Group A will be for students 9 and under and Group B will be for students 10 and up.
June 12-16 (Group A- 10am-11:30am) (Group B- 12pm-1:30pm), July 17-21(Group A- 10am-11:30am) (Group B- 12pm-1:30pm), July 31-August 4 (All ages – 12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $150

AZ Beat Lab:

A camp for everyone with no experience necessary! Create and arrange beats using digital devices and apps. The Beat Lab will facilitate beat making, electronic music production, and sampling techniques. Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate, play, perform, and share their creations. Students should bring headphones for the camp and may bring any instruments (for sampling), and a laptop or tablet if they have one.
For ages 8 and up.
June 26-30 (12pm-2pm), July 24-28 (12pm-2pm)
Tuition – $120

Beginning Snare Drum, and Drum set:

This is a percussion camp for everyone who can’t get enough drums. One of our most popular camps. We will be working on beginning drums and theory and rudiments. Rock drumming and pop music performance, introduction to jazz and blues drumming. Learn to tune your drums and get an intro to a live performance! You don’t have to be a drummer to get a lot out of this camp. Recommended for all students.
12pm-2pm $150

***Please note that there is a $50 non-refundable deposit required to hold your place in the camp. Camps are subject to change or be canceled if there are not enough kids in the camp. If a camp is canceled by the studio, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.”