Calling all future rock legends! Here’s your chance to own your own guitar!

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We’re here at @organstoppizza for our annual all you can eat #pizza event! Amazing music from #IndianaJones #Raidersofthelostark! #music #musicclass..

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We have a variety of group classes which are a great option for beginners or young students. Here’s one: Mondays at 5pm-6pm at our Desert Ridge..

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Kirk's Studio for the Performing Arts

Don’t forget TONIGHT! At Fresh BBQ Innovations, come support our students Elle and Noah as they perform live tonight from 6pm-9pm!

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Without a doubt one of the coolest shows we’ve EVER had on AZRadio.Live. Thank you so much to Will Clipman and Sherry Finzer Music! You’ve classed..

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We’re live at Kirk’s Studio for the Performing Arts! Come tune in with AZRadio.Live!

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Did you know we offer instrument rentals?

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KSPA - String Rockband Camp - Radioactive - KSPA

Whoa #ThrowbackThursday! Check out this strings cover of Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive from Strings Rock Band camp 2015! What rock songs do you..

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We love to see our students performing around the valley! Catch Elle and Noah this Friday night, September 21, at Fresh BBQ Innovations in Scottsdale..

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